Ch 12: Self Advocacy · Ch 18: Getting Help · found money · Step 4: Cutting Costs

Cell Phone Bill Win!

In my book I talked about a fee that kept being added to my cell phone bill, increasing its total from $30 to $40/mo. The fee was for an unrequested “service” and simply added to my bill. When I first noticed it, I asked my cell phone company to refund the several months of costs. The representative insisted the service could not have been added to my phone without my having requested it. I was firm that I had not done so. The rep said my child must have; he hadn’t. Ultimately, the phone company refunded the fee and asked only that I complete the services “unsubscribe” option, one that turned out not to exist.

The next month, the fee again! The phone company continued to insist I “must be” subscribing and resubscribing. Ultimately, it refunded all charges (approximately $100 in total) and, upon my insistence, closed the channel that was allowing the scam to occur.

However, the scam continued to be imposed on countless other phone users, and phone companies were refusing to refund scammed customers who had noticed the charges more than thirty days after the fact. So, I submitted two official complaints to the regulatory body. Today, new sources tell us that due to submissions this scam has been pursued and resolved. All customers are to get their money back, and the phone company is required to provide public education.

A great win for all (except the scamming companies)!

For tips on how to nip scam charges in the bud, fight for your immediate rights, get help from regulatory and other bodies, and/or change laws, please see my book Rising: Strategies for the Broke, the At-Risk, and Those who Love Them released April 2016.

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