Ch 12: Self Advocacy · found money

Catching Bank’s Errors

I’m having  fun time watching stuff I wrote about in my book show up in the news 🙂

The latest? TD Bank counts differently than we do! I’ve actively explored this topic, wondering what kind of year-end accounting to the government allows banks to claim transaction amounts that don’t match what we—the consumers—deposit or withdraw.

A dollar here, $13 there, $372 here, $20000 here… These are real numbers that have gone absent from my real accounts in the past year alone! (I got them all back.) Granted, it’s not all in their favour. Twice in a row they gave me extra dimes in a roll. When I returned the dimes and explained, the rep shrugged, saying it didn’t matter. Oh.

Good on the consumers featured in the CBC article for organizing around one aspect of this. There are so many more to address. In the meantime, you can ensure your cash is what it should be by following the tips I offer in my book. Among those? Record every penny that goes in and out of your life. Count money in the teller’s presence before removing it from the counter. Note transaction deadlines in your Google calendar.

By implementing the tips detailed in the book, your savings can increase substantially—without your working more or spending less. Wild!

For those who’ve read the book, you might enjoy another follow-up news article here: Cell Phone Bill Win!


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