Free E-Course in Rising

Are you broke? Wavering? Pulling in cash but blowing it for emotional reasons?

You’re not alone. That was my life for over twenty years, and heaps of others, too, are in the same boat.

A book like Rising can comfort and inspire you, but how do you stay on track, continuing to implement its strategies long after you’ve put the book down? The free e-course is how!

The free e-course will start after 200 people have subscribed to the blog to receive posts by email, so please let your friends and Facebook buddies know about it! (Hit the ‘share’ buttons of your choice below this post.)

The e-course, free, will take you through one tiny step each week to stabilize and improve your finances. It will of course be ideal if you have read the book from cover to cover before we begin, but you can start even if you haven’t done so or even if you don’t have the book! Each week’s step will be self-contained, so you can complete it without any other resource.

The course will involve a simple email each week, prompting you to complete one very easy task while providing encouragement. Participants will be able to communicate with me and each other through the comments section.

Each week will focus on encouraging you to take the tiny steps toward financial stability, just one at a time.

To access the free course:

1: To the right of this post, find the bar ‘receive new posts by email’. Click on that. Enter an email address you check regularly.

2: Check your inbox (or gmail tabs) for a confirmation email. Complete instructions provided there, if any, to activate your subscription.

3: Ensure the emails are going to your inbox, not to your spam folder or secondary tab.

4: At the bottom of this post (or at the bottom of this page), click at least one of the ‘share’ (Facebook, etc) options to let your friends know about the course. We need 200 people subscribed to the blog before we can begin, so spread the word!

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