Step 10: Saving by Spending · Step 4: Cutting Costs

DIY Eyebrows: Get Paid $1470!

With a friend’s wedding coming up, I was especially jonesing to tame my brows. Really, I like having them shaped regularly—on me, it provides the visual equivalent of a facelift! However, for cost reasons, I limit myself to about every six weeks, max.

This time, I was questioning the whole thing. Do I still find it necessary? Can I adjust this habit and craving in favour of simplicity and savings? But as time passed, my brow felt furrier and my eyelids heavier until I couldn’t take it anymore.

So over the last week, I stopped in at a total of four salons. Each was unable to do it at the moment, or within the hour, or later that day…and was closed for the long weekend, and is always closed Tuesdays…

So I did it. I daringly purchased a DIY kit. For $20, it can do “up to twenty” sessions.

I gave it a go. Success! Just as I do when cutting my own hair, I found it vastly more convenient and comfortable than going to a salon, I got the results I wanted (rare when having someone else do it) and, of course, it was infinitely cheaper.

Even at an esthetics school or low-end hair salon I am required to pay $20 per session, thus twenty such sessions is $400.

By using the kit, I have better results in more comfort and save up to $380! Invested long term, this can become $1470.

Where can you save $20 per session to end up with $1470 in your future?

Not quite ready to take on your own hairs? For hair cuts, hair colouring, makeup application, hair removal, and other luxury esthetics, consider the following options for reduced costs without going all the way to DIY:

  • model for a student
  • pay a reduced rate at a school
  • grow your hair into a length or style that requires less frequent attention
  • have only your bangs cut professionally
  • ask a makeup outlet for a complimentary makeover
  • pay more for an effective long-term option (e.g., a laser relevant to your skin type) vs paying smaller amounts indefinitely

In a future post, I’ll talk about getting great results with at-home haircuts.

For those curious, I used the Veet eyebrow kit. I understand such products get really mixed reviews, but personally I found this product simple to use and very comfortable and soothing on my sensitive skin, with no redness following. I don't receive a payment for naming this product; I'm just telling you in case you're looking for an option that worked for someone!


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