Step 4: Cutting Costs

Do I Suffer Without Full Wifi?

As my whirlwind trip was wrapping up, I realized that a delightful aspect had been that internet and phone worked regardless of where I stand or how I move.

Yep, the reception for both at my home is crazy: limited and fussy, demanding that the phone and computer sit at a specific height in one of few specific spots. My suite has never had lines to it, and my landlord so far does not allow a line to be put in. However, would I pay another $1500 per month (for normal rent here) to have full-on reception? Nope. It’s just not that critical to me. Certainly not more critical than the freedom to choose how I spend my time, which is precisely what I get when I live well within my means.

Do I suffer, or experience lack? Nope. I watch Netflix, work and research online, apply for courses, connect with my mom, and socialize within a web community as well as my live one. Within feet of my home this week, I attended a live, intimate concert against a stunning backdrop, enjoyed a veritable feast with old friends and new, watched my child engage with a broad community, swam outdoors, and hiked.

Having to sit “here” vs “there” in my home is simply not the end of the world, and the wealth and psychological luxury this choice results in is 100% worth it.

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