Young Couple Achieves Freedom

Loved this article, in which a young couple shuns the “cult” of homeownership in insane markets and opts for conservative investing instead. Now free, travelling the world, and contributing in the ways that suit them. Woohoo!

I love what the couple says and am, as always, concerned with the others’ point of view that saving while renting requires discipline. So what? Health requires discipline, parenting well requires discipline, keeping a house reasonably clean requires discipline, harnessing our mental processes or going to therapy requires discipline. Why are we excusing ourselves and each other out of self-discipline*? Develop it, and see phenomenal gains—such that you can live the life you dream of!

Great job, Kristy and Bryce, and congrats!

*I don’t even believe in expending effort 6am through 10pm. I believe in simplifying such that we need to expend effort only about two hours out of any day, with a focus on results and the rest of the time for enjoyment.

2 thoughts on “Young Couple Achieves Freedom

  1. Thanks for that post,Joon, and your comments about the article. I really agree with you about the self discipline issue. Self discipline with money isn’t actually any harder than any other kind of self discipline, I think a lot of just haven’t been taught the skills, ot learned those skills ourselves yet, so it seems hard/impossible.

    And as you have mentioned, self discipline with money seems to make self discipline in other areas of life easier.


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