Passive Income

Today I Made $269 Doing Absolutely Nothing

At 604pm, the last of the weekend’s emails rolled in. Another $108. This time, a refund from Costco on a shredder that hadn’t worked out. Over the past two years, I’ve received $700 for a table that wasn’t the right fit, $137 for various vitamins and supplements that did nothing for me, $503 for subscriptions I no longer needed. Several of these refunds I requested up to two years after the point of purchase.

The other $161 was passive income: a hodge-podge of book sales, other royalties, and government gifts.

And that’s a slow day!

I’m no extroverted, marketing, sales dude with a network of thousands of wealthy people. I’m a weird, quiet chick who has, step by step, tapped into a number of opportunities, always with a focus on the long term.

I love helping others—especially those really struggling—to do likewise, because I well know the difference that can make in a person’s life. It changes how we can care for ourselves, our children, and our communities.

Of course, creating passive income takes some investment of time, effort, and energy. It’s worth it, though! Today, I sat on a warm, sunny wharf in an unoccupied park, sipping my blended coffee and reading a great book, listening to the waves ebb and splash. The joy started in my feet and soared upward through the tip of my head. In such moments, I’m awestruck by how my life has changed…by decisions I made a week ago, two years ago, and eighteen years ago.

When you’re considering any next step, take a moment to envision your “Future Self.” What action now creates the biggest bang for your buck not only today, but twenty years from now?

Start now: Find one thing around your house that you can return for a refund. Cash in, set the money aside, then take your next smart step.

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