Step 4: Cutting Costs

Halt and… Commit Fraud?

In a fit of virus this past weekend, I binge-watched Halt and Catch Fire. (At $9/mo, Netflix is my single TV station.) I loved everything about the show: the horde of nerds I so relate to, the passion-based work that leaves us unconcerned with “hours”, the beautiful geek-love, and the wild competition in personal computing’s earliest goes at entrepreneurship.

imagesAfter the end of Season 2, I’ve continued pondering one element specifically: reputation. One character used charm and charisma—speech patterns, wording—to gain the trust of those with dedication and skill. Another is so committed to integrity that massaged language has no place. What effect does each path have?

In my journey, I’ve encountered people of both bents. In the success of several projects, I’ve been blown away to stumble upon the deceit of high powered agencies and individuals, folks relying on fraud to decimate “the little guy,” whether that be a homeless person or a small entrepreneur. Is this what success takes?! If so, do I want more?

In some of my upcoming posts, I’ll be exploring the topic of fraud as it applies to those of us who tend toward honesty, who crave a culture of integrity. Where do we fit in? How do we achieve success? Where are our vulnerabilities? How do we protect ourselves from those functioning otherwise? How can we achieve our dreams while remaining true to our core, to our spirit, to our ethics? No small topic, to be sure!

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