Step 4: Cutting Costs

That’s Right: A Steilmann Dress for $188 Off

Hit the jackpot at the thrift today! What sort of gods were being so kind, I have no idea. I hate shopping! But (or therefore) I’ve got an ultralight wardrobe and many of my clothes are 14 years old. The inspiration? I’ve got an occasion to dress up for, and I’ve been feeling keen to take it up a notch.

My first stop? A gorgeous boutique with brand-new clothes. Four items? $200. I set them aside. I can go back for them if I want.

Second stop? Value Village. Well, knock my stripey socks off! Here’s what I found:

^ That’s not me. But she found an uncannily similar dress at her thrift shop?
  • A gorgeous, short, fitted aubergine dress in velvety, stretchy corduroy $4
  • A stunning black full length Steilmann dress in eyelet $12
  • A sheer shift in muted brown $4
  • A sweet cherry-red wraparound A-length skirt complete with exquisitely embroidered design $3
  • …as well as camisoles, two textured blouses, an beautiful tank top, and six sets of earrings!

Plus… I had a 30% off ticket. How? A surprise gratitude gift for having volunteered to drive an agency’s haul in some months ago!

And on the way out? A handsome young man, on his way to do a drop-off of his own, stopped to offer my son and me our choice in gaming equipment!

24ee3bb754bfcd64d67dc30b37548982What a smokin’ deal at the thrift today. Most days, I have no luck. Today, with a different goal, I had luck out the whazoo!

How much did I save by making that second stop? Impossible to say, as I ended up with 5x as many items for less than half the price. Sure glad I travelled those five extra blocks!

4 thoughts on “That’s Right: A Steilmann Dress for $188 Off

  1. Ha ha, I didn’t know what Steilmann was either, but it’s a gorgeous, quality dress so I suspected higher value and looked the label up. A happy surprise! If I didn’t love it so much, I might resell it!


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