Ch 18: Getting Help · Ch 23: On Handouts and Welfare

Well, I Asked For It!

$2000 that is.

Why did the federal government send it to me? Because I invited it to!

Long story short, I needed a strategy to get my child (who also has a disability) to his special school. Our super cheap, sensory-supportive home is a fair distance from it, though. Every drive costs time and gas money, and has an impact on my body and energy to boot. So, I sought a way to stay in town during his school hours. My solution? Take one university class. That would give me a place to park, a free place to hang, and high speed internet to boot. Deal!

I knew there was a grant to cover tuition, so I applied for that. What I didn’t know was that the government was also handing out two grand per year for every student designated “disabled.”

And so it is that I got all of what I needed to make this tricky time work, and a bonus of $2000 cash. I’m required to declare that income to one of my support programs, but it will likely declare it “exempt” and take none of it.

This is a key strategy for folks with extra challenges. Grants exist; invite people to go ahead and give those to you. (In a subsequent post, I’ll talk more about how to find them.)

What’s a sweet money gift you’ve received, and as a result of what tricky circumstance? Alternatively, what’s the tricky situation you need a financial workaround for?


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