Ch 18: Getting Help · Ch 23: On Handouts and Welfare

Well, I Asked For It!

$2000 that is.

Why did the federal government send it to me? Because I invited it to!

Long story short, I needed a strategy to get my child (who also has a disability) to his special school. Our super cheap, sensory-supportive home is a fair distance from it, though. Every drive costs time and gas money, and has an impact on my body and energy to boot. So, I sought a way to stay in town during his school hours. My solution? Take one university class. That would give me a place to park, a free place to hang, and high speed internet to boot. Deal!

I knew there was a grant to cover tuition, so I applied for that. What I didn’t know was that the government was also handing out two grand per year for every student designated “disabled.”

And so it is that I got all of what I needed to make this tricky time work, and a bonus of $2000 cash. I’m required to declare that income to one of my support programs, but it will likely declare it “exempt” and take none of it.

This is a key strategy for folks with extra challenges. Grants exist; invite people to go ahead and give those to you. (In a subsequent post, I’ll talk more about how to find them.)

What’s a sweet money gift you’ve received, and as a result of what tricky circumstance? Alternatively, what’s the tricky situation you need a financial workaround for?

3 thoughts on “Well, I Asked For It!

  1. Hi Joon, I have a tricky situation: my grown kid has multiple neurological differences (including bipolar and autism) and lives on USA welfare, which isn’t much. They get food stamps, but it isn’t enough to feed them well. Weight is down but dr. says it isn’t medically necessary to prescribe a nutritional supplement for extra calories. (Hmph, guess it’s ok to let disabled people restrict calories and cause weight to drop for financial reasons but not the average person???) Anyway, can you help brainstorm with me to identify resources (aside from food banks–they are typically low on protein and high on empty calories like white rice) for my grown kiddo?? Thanks in advance, Joon!


    1. Hi Teri,

      My first wondering is: Can your adult child access a disability program? i.e., Many regions have one level of support for people temporarily unemployed due to nondisability circumstances, and a higher level of support for people (employed or unemployed) due to disabilities. Is there such a program in your child’s region they can apply for?


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