7 thoughts on “This Single Mom Lost Out On Up To $11,000

  1. I got $10 back on my Visa because, after reading your boil, I started to look at my monthly statement. Then I started to look weekly at my online app on my phone….I could see if something had transpired that wasn’t expected.

    (It’s so funny to write that like it’s a normal thing. I am 45 and this only became a normal thing for me after reading your book. The above paragraph is a testament to the fact that we really can change our money ways!)

    I noticed a $9.99 charge from Amazon, and sadly knew it wasn’t because I’d been buying any books, so called them and found it they had “renewed my annual deluxe Kindle membership.”. I don’t have a Kindle, and I sure never signed up for a deluxe membership!

    I wonder how many years I have had a deluxe Kindle membership that Amazon has kindly renewed for me. Oh well.

    I got back this year’s $10, and cancelled that mysterious membership.

    That makes me really happy!!!


  2. There are 2 sad stories in this one story. The family that never received what they should have, and the family that received more than they should have. I would wager that the ones being overpaid are unaware they weren’t entitled to this amount, and will now face financial hardship as the government attempts to claw the overpayments back.

    We once had $80,000 suddenly appear in our investment accounts. We knew it wasn’t ours, and notified the bank. And notified them again, and again. It took weeks to get the amount removed, and credited to whoever it really belonged to. What would have happened if we had foolishly spent this, thinking it was the bank’s problem, and ours to spend? Checking to make sure you haven’t had unexplained credits deposited is just as important as making sure you aren’t overcharged – both can have nasty consequences.


    1. Excellent point, Dee! (I also had $20k go missingā€”the bank had transferred it to its own account! In my book, I tell what I did when the government erroneously sent me an extra $800.) Yes, being aware of what we are supposed to haveā€”and not supposed to haveā€”saves us in numerous ways!


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