Ch 12: Self Advocacy · found money · Step 4: Cutting Costs

Who Are YOU In Cahoots With?

In the summer, I signed up for a membership which had a refund guarantee. So far, so good, right??

When the service turned out to not be a match, I requested a partial refund—just on the segment that wasn’t a fit. The business, though, claimed that while it genuinely desired to honour the request, it was impeded by being “unable to locate the account.” What? Despite my providing the company with every possible identifier of my account—twelve in total—it continued to insist: until I could magically show them how to use their back-end system, no refund.

So, of course, I contacted my credit card company, through which I had paid for the service. The credit card company said it couldn’t do anything until the business provided a written statement that it would not complete the refund. Of course, it wouldn’t provide such a statement, because remember: It wasn’t refusing to provide the refund due; it was impeded from doing so due to my “not supplying” information that I’d in fact supplied countless times.


Despite a business’s refund guarantee, and my disputing the charge within the credit card company’s specified timeframe, I could get my refund by neither course? Round and round the issue went, each party adding a dance step while we all moved closer and closer to the dispute deadline. I couldn’t help but wonder, “Is the credit card company in cahoots with the businesses it serves?!?”

And then  I realized: It doesn’t matter if it is. The real question is: Am I in cahoots with me?

In other words, regardless of who the merchant or card company is or is not in cahoots with, am I prepared to stand by me? Am I willing to stand for my rights? Do I care about myself enough to take additional steps?

Sometimes we are just too tired to. I get that. We don’t have to pursue every possibility. Other forms of self-care are at least as critical. But, what if a good nap, a nutrition-dense meal, and an hour of relaxation resource us enough to take another step?

In doing so, I reclaimed over $200 USD. A hassle? Absolutely. Worth the pay rate of $100 per hour? I’d say so!

What timeframe does your credit card allow for disputing a charge? Within that period, is there anything on your credit card statement that wasn’t as advertised, or that you didn’t even order? Reclaim it now.

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