Ch 23: On Handouts and Welfare · Increasing Income

Letting Love Fill The $ Gaps

I wasn’t so sure about this year. From early January when a third of our possessions were stolen, through the book’s hefty publication costs, to a transition to an entirely new lifestyle (disability-friendly school for kid, post-secondary ed for me, commute for both), I was curious how my cash balance would look by wrap-up.

All ended well!

Having listed the unusual, bulky expenses front and center in my budget software, I remained perpetually motivated to somehow “catch up” this amount. As of December 5th, I have! (See that exclamation mark? Even I’m surprised!) But that’s because I didn’t know how big a student grant I was eligible for, nor that the same agency would gift me with a laptop as soon as my own (seven years old) needed replacement. I also wasn’t sure if between the nine parties involved in approvals, we’d successfully access this year’s autism funding. For most of it, the year was feeling like a write-off. Sometimes a year is, and that needs to be okay. But, if we can use icky financial bombs to motivate us to find new options, let’s!

I mean, what are our options otherwise?
Give up, and spend the rest of our savings too?
Feel bummed, and take up drinking to cope?
Steal someone’s bikes, and sell those for 10% of their value?

Sometimes, life gets sticky or tricky. As I explore in the chapters Processing Financial Grief and Tolerating Regret, it’s important that we grieve those challenges fully. It’s also super helpful to acknowledge those difficulties and accept the resources offered for just such times.

What stick has been lobbed into your financial wheel in 2016? What resource can this motivate you to finally access? That community grant that goes undisbursed year after year for lack of applicants? A super flexible side gig? The free version of the Thing we’d been prepared to pay cash for?

If your tricky circumstances have made you magically eligible, accept your community’s love! Once you’re back on track, you’ll simply have all the more to share.

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