Step 4: Cutting Costs

November Spending

  • Rent $500 (includes home, internet, utilities, maintenance)
  • Food $297 (two people, includes groceries in costly Canada, household items, eating out, fancy coffees, etc)
  • Family $173. This was three weeks of travel—everything from transportation to physical gifts to data use—to spend four birthdays with family, and hang with a lovely friend.
  • Kid $106 (gifts, winter clothing from thrifts, allowance, emergency cell, etc)
  • Car insurance $84
  • Car fuel $38
  • Phone $32
  • Clothing for me $18 (thrift shops)
  • Life insurance $17
  • Me $418. I bought myself two special, secret presents 🙂

Donations are over and above these.

As you can see, it was a pretty spendy month for me. At the same time, $1265 is pretty awesome for two people to be housed, to eat, to go on a three-week vacation to multiple locations, and to update their wardrobe. This approach easily makes room for the occasional splurge of $418 on luxury items.

2 thoughts on “November Spending

  1. Just checking in to say I miss the wonderfulness that is joon and I just realized that I knew where to look for her. Magical! Hope the new year is full of blessings big and small.


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