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Brain Glitch = New Palate, New Palette

I’ve run out of most food. This is not due to any financial issue; my prioritizing has gotten cuckoo. It’s hard for me to do anything these days except play my banjolele and think about ponies. I still DO the other stuff—take care of kid, take us swimming, cook, do my school work, line up those specialist appointments—I’m just saying they’re harder to do this week. This is likely in part to a couple of pulled muscles that are driving me to distraction, but perhaps in larger part because my brain functioning ebbs and flows. At these points, some normal things take me way longer than usual, and others have to be dropped for now. And segues? Gone.

I think that’s okay.

The neurological shift has advantages, when I give it space. New ideas. Creativity. Laughter. Rest.

I run with it.

So, yes, we’ve run out of a bunch of our kitchen standards because today I could manage three activities—and participating in a community kitchen, swimming, and picking up a banjolele case were apparently paramount.

But, I kinda like running out of stuff. It means that for an evening snack I added new ingredients to my butter/cocoa powder/honey/salt/shredded coconut mix. I went with frozen berries and cherries. I think that’s going to be a total score. I’ll know after I’ve given them another 15 minutes to harden in the freezer.

Folks following will see I’ve also transformed the design and name of my blog, because I have few enough readers that I can just play 🙂

What do you think?

  • Does the new title leave you feeling excluded or disenfranchised?
  • Or do you feel it better homes in on the real topic of this blog?
  • If not, do you have other ideas for words or phrases that might?
  • How do the new shapes and colours work for you?
  • What would you dream to see?
  • Most importantly: What snack do you end up with after you’ve done a great job eating most of your kitchen down?

2 thoughts on “Brain Glitch = New Palate, New Palette

  1. Okay. I loved EVERYTHING about your previous incarnation of this blog.

    But, also, I think I would love everything you do, Joon.

    I like that sprout. 🙂

    And I think the new name does focus more on who it is going to resonate the most with. I don’t know. I also still feel included by your words and your content, so that works for me.

    I hope your pulled muscles heal soon, and send you virtual hugs. (((Joon)))


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