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Found Money: $52

About once a week or so, I do a one-click download of all new transactions appearing in my personal bank account, my business bank account, and my credit card account. In my financial software, I glance at each one, ensuring the amounts and categories are correct. The entire process takes 3-5 minutes per week.

Regularly, I “find” money. Today was no exception. A large, reputable company popped a charge of $52 onto my credit card. Nice try! I pasted the amount into an email to my credit card company. Within a few days, I’ll see the amount back on my card.

The company will claim the amount as a “recurring subscription”, despite the fact that I cancelled the service six months ago. (In a fit of irony, one of the world’s biggest financial software companies once did likewise. Hee!)

I’ve posted some of these finds before—it’s my ongoing attempt to convince you to check your transactions. Halting these little thefts is a fast, easy way to increase your financial balance.

To help you find all my finds, I’ve created a blog category called ‘Found Money.’ Click on that to view them all. Check the comments on some of those posts, too, to see where others have made the same gains 🙂

One thought on “Found Money: $52

  1. Wow, Joon, so glad to have found your website (via your book!) today. Thanks to you and this post, I remembered an annual recurring subscription coming up for an organization I no longer participate in. I just turned off the automatic renewal, saving myself $60. Easy money. Thank you!!


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