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10 Papers Per Day

I was mortified by how much new paper came home with me yesterday. Granted, I collect my mail only about once a week, and yesterday included multiple weird errands I’d managed to put off for some time. At 330pm I dragged through my front door:

  • three cheques (no option for online deposit)
  • one government call for insurance premiums (nine pages!)
  • four year-end tax return slips
  • one pamphlet on how to retrieve blood test results online
  • two appointment cards
  • one therapist’s page on how to log triggers until next appt
  • five pages of course instructions
  • three receipts


Paper is my nemesis.

It’s also my best get-rich-quick scheme! By accepting the pieces of paper, I:

  • can double-check my appt times, such that I’m never charged for a missed one
  • submit a complete and accurate tax return, garnering me countless benefits
  • save three hours over travelling back to the doctor for blood test results
  • can track every expense, which automatically annihilates excess spending

Some of it is actually unnecessary. (Oddly, I can access school grants even if I flub my way through my courses. It’s only my passion that doesn’t allow me to do that.)

Given all the benefits of papers big and small, I build in to my life room to process an average of 10 papers per day. I set them in my “to do” pile. Once or twice a week, I make myself a homemade mocha, put on some music, and plow through them.

Worth it.

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