Ch 25: Helping Locally and Globally

Set Women Free On Mother’s Day!

I was feeling bummed that I will probably again have no celebration of Mother’s Day, because there’s no one besides me to poke my kid into doing something special. This article gave me perspective. So much perspective that I donated! Now I feel very happy about Mother’s Day.

What is the relevance to Rising? According to the article:

These women are among the 62 percent of people in jail who are there not because they’ve been convicted of a crime but because they can’t pay to get back to their lives as they await trial. […] Many of the women who will be freed are in jail for low-level offenses such as loitering or small-scale drug possession. Nationwide, nearly a third of all women in jail have serious mental health issues, and the racial disparity is clear […] […] the disparate impact that money bail and jail-related fines and fees has on LGBTQ communities. […] “All mothers are not celebrated,” she said, adding that this is especially true of women who struggle with poverty, addiction, and mental-health issues—in other words, the women who fill our jails.

That some people are outside of jail for big stuff because they had big money for bail and lawyers, and some are inside jail -for, say, loitering- because they had money for neither? Ugh.

If you can donate, consider doing so. Strapped for cash? Just help spread the word!

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