Ch 12: Self Advocacy · found money

This Week’s Found Money: $1144

With the Equifax breach, regularly checking transactions in our accounts is more important than ever. Even without a breach, check out what I found “stolen” in today’s quick review:

  • Bank: $20 – Converted a cheque from the wrong currency.
  • Child Recreation: $137. The rec centre cancelled the classes and offered a refund. I said yes, but they didn’t issue it. Oops!
  • Internet Service Provider: Charged $160 fee on an equipment return they forgot to process.
  • Internet Service Provider: Charged for four months after they’d ended the service.

Bill Gates could maybe overlook these amounts. Me? I could use them! Plus, invested they’ll come to about $1144. I’m going to buy so many dinners out with that 🙂

My first step in each case?
Contact the service provider, to give them a chance to rectify the error.

Second step?
Submit a charge dispute through my credit card company.

All easily resolved with a few clicks on the keyboard, and a nice infusion of cash again. This is on top of this month’s grants and other benefits.

What money have you found recently?

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Found Money: $1144

  1. You continue to inspire me to stand up for myself financially. I realized after visiting your site tonight that I have a purchase I want to return: I just “found” almost $25 in boxing up and preparing to return a defective purse I bought on-line. Will drop it off at UPS when I’m in town, and my account will be credited for the return. Thank you as always!


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