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Does It Take Money to Make Money?

To bring in some of my 2017 income, I needed to invest $3891* in taxes, tax return prep, college tuition, and college texts. To bring in yet more, I needed to move money I already had into other accounts. (Weird, hey?)

Where does a person with tricky circumstances get that kind of cash to start with??

To win some of this dough, I needed cash on hand -I can’t get a matching contribution on my 401(k), for example, if I haven’t first set aside the cash required to trigger it. So my initial, extreme efforts at saving have had exponential results.

In all other cases, though, I needed no upfront investment -just a willingness to do paperwork!

Spending the $3891 brought me $14,422, the net of which I can now:
*spend on my kid’s disability needs,
*increase exponentially via long term investing, or
*donate to important causes.


What a great way to meet my family’s goals, and to “find” money I can share with people in far greater need.


*I could have actually reduced some of that spending, but I’m not quite “there” for doing every aspect of my tax returns, and my disability means I do rely on a physical vs electronic textbook to see full success. A decent amount of effort on this stuff is sufficient; no need to take extreme measures once we have enough.

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