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“Thank you. How can I help?”

If I were a praying type of person, I would call this my prayer of late. So grateful for everything my child and I have -health, abundance, fun, companions, freedom. It was a looooooong journey. And it may well get tricky again one day. In the meantime, I say to the Big Everything: Thank you. How can I help?

4 thoughts on ““Thank you. How can I help?”

  1. Love this, Joon! And you worked soo hard to get to this space in your life and in your son’s life!

    You know, It’s wonderful that you are asking/praying this “thank you, how can I help.” Gratitude in one person has a ripple-in-the-pond reach, and your blessings are spilling out to those around you in waves! Your book–even on the days you were feeling down after being forced to move, and even when things didn’t look so rosy for you earlier this year–your book was helping people! A lot of them! Me included! And your blog is likewise as helpful too!

    So, if you are wondering how your asking/prayer might be answered, if you need some direction (and I am not the Universe or God lol), I answer, “please keep writing!!! You have so much wisdom and your perspective to share. The world needs your voice!”

    Happiest of holidays, Teri


      1. p.s. I can’t even tell you what it does for me to hear this idea, that the book can go around helping people even when a storm sweeps through my life. Gosh, is that ever going to help me!


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