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Is Rigid Thinking Keeping Me Poor?

Over the last month, I’ve been newly able to notice rigid thinking in people beyond myself. That’s kinda funny to me… How did I not notice it before? The diagnostic manual talks about it, as do many books on brain quirks, but I’m only newly able to recognize it. (Secretly, I have my fingers crossed that it means my own pattern here is successfully shifting.)

“I would love if you would bring a dessert, but for idealogical reasons, it needs to be gluten-free and GMO-free, any dairy can only be organic, fruit is okay but only if it’s raw…with the exception for cooked if it’s in crumble…”

Um. So hard for me to make you this food!

“I can go to this event with you if the music is bluegrass -no harmonicas, because that’s not pure- ends before 730pm, is on the bus route, doesn’t allow kids, and costs under $2.”

Um. So hard for me to find the event you can join us at!

“I’ll only apply for the free money if the form isn’t longer than two pages, doesn’t use the word disabled, and can be filled in online.”

Um… But free money?

I don’t know if some kinds of neurological wiring create rigid thinking, or if rigid thinking is a result of living with too few spoons for too long and genuinely needing to narrow things down.

However my rigidity has come about, is it serving me?
On even one count at a time, can I flex my thinking to make a little more room?
Can I stretch that comfort zone just enough to accept the carpool ride?

I’m as particular as they come, and am a HUGE fan of “knowing my limit and playing within it.” Those of us with neurodifferences often have medical need for one food vs another, need far more rest, and need to get out of a crowd long before our system fails. Our survival depends on it.

But I also believe I need to occasionally check my limits: Was it necessary in the past, but no longer is? Can I reframe that form’s wording and apply for help? Am I able to breathe deeply for the 15 minutes the young children in the venue prove distracting?

By addressing some points of rigidity in my thinking, can I open my world to have more experiences on less money or expand my options for more income?

I experienced a perfect example of this in myself this week. I’ll write about that soon.

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