home · Step 4: Cutting Costs

Are You Sure I’m Poor?

“You live in a really small home, therefore you’re poor.”

No, no, no: I live in a really small home and as a result, I’m not poor.

In many parts of the minority world, shelter costs are the number one factor making or breaking financial well-being. A host of people are choosing to move into smaller spaces to cut down on rent or mortgage, property taxes, heating and cooling fees, light bills, and maintenance.

tinyhomeSome are choosing modestly-sized apartments, tiny houses, or carriage houses. Others are sharing houses. Some are getting more radical and opting for stealth vanliving -whether for just long enough to build their finances or ongoing because they love it.

A small home is sometimes a result of poverty, but more and more it’s simply a fabulous strategy toward material security.

How much space do you personally need? What resources could reduce that?

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