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“…and you can begin again.”

“Things are replenishable that you thought were not: your savings, your opportunities, your pride. Your life can be stripped very close to the bone, and you can begin again.”

-Michelle Wildgen

One thought on ““…and you can begin again.”

  1. I need to remember this, daily. I have regrets from my past and from decades of my own untreated mental and other illnesses (and my kids). This year I figured out that, due to enabling, lack of knowledge of resources and how to access them, poor habits, over-giving, not holding people accountable for their actions, and years where I was unable to work due to my illnesses and to caregiving my kids, I lost around $1 million. One. Million. Dollars. I did the calculations multiple times. It hurts to think about it. It’s humbling to write. Your book and your blog are helping me learn to tolerate financial regrets. And now I can start again. Every day! Thank you dear Joon!

    Following up from the holidaze…I have drastically cut my gift budget, and have talked to my family about it too, preparing them ahead of time as you suggested. This year may be the happiest festive season yet, with less pressure and much less spending. I am also standing strong on birthday, wedding, shower, etc gifts and staying within my budget. Amazing…people love me the same regardless of the cost of the gifts I give!


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