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Is Rigid Thinking Keeping Me Poor?

Over the last month, I’ve been newly able to notice rigid thinking in people beyond myself. That’s kinda funny to me… How did I not notice it before? The diagnostic manual talks about it, as do many books on brain quirks, but I’m only newly able to recognize it. (Secretly, I have my fingers crossed… Continue reading Is Rigid Thinking Keeping Me Poor?

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Third Space: A Creative Solution to Housing Costs

Where I live, housing (rent or ownership) costs are among the highest in the world. Some of us feel compelled to live here anyway. In my case, it’s so that my son has access to various supports and services. When he ages out of those, we’ll likely move to a cheapo part of the world.… Continue reading Third Space: A Creative Solution to Housing Costs

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…and then right before Santa comes…

…we frugal, inventive parents have a moment of anxiety. “I got her too little stuff!” “This pile is way too tiny!” “What was I thinking, getting him so many books, free from the library’s used pile at that?” lol. Yep, this is par for the course. For many of us, swimming against the current of… Continue reading …and then right before Santa comes…

Ch 12: Self Advocacy · disability planning · Increasing Income

Step 1a: No Cheating!

A long-time acquaintance in financial straits asked for my help in revamping her money status. I’d love to! The first tip was well-received: apply for disability benefits. She’s been medically eligible for as long as I’ve known her, but has stumbled along through endless short-term gigs instead, each one exacerbating her symptoms. Kudos to her… Continue reading Step 1a: No Cheating!