Ch 22: Taking the Leap · freedom · health

Can I Be Happy Without Every Metric of the Minority World?

This is the time of year I look over my finances of the past 11.5 months. What did I spend? How happy have my son and I been feeling? What costs went up or down? Are my child and I thriving? Yep, it’s not just a dollars-and-cents review. Money is absolutely linked with health and… Continue reading Can I Be Happy Without Every Metric of the Minority World?

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Would You Take Jia’s $5?

Attempting to hand out $5 bills -no strings attached- Jia Jiang seemed surprised to find that three out of five people weren’t interested. I would have anticipated that. In my work, I’m regularly encouraging clients to pursue the free cash available to them. Rarely do they. “Oh, I think that’s meant for someone else.” “I’ll… Continue reading Would You Take Jia’s $5?

Ch 12: Self Advocacy · found money

This Week’s Found Money: $1144

With the Equifax breach, regularly checking transactions in our accounts is more important than ever. Even without a breach, check out what I found “stolen” in today’s quick review: Bank: $20 – Converted a cheque from the wrong currency. Child Recreation: $137. The rec centre cancelled the classes and offered a refund. I said yes,… Continue reading This Week’s Found Money: $1144

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Patience: The Million Dollar Trait

It’s true for those hypercapable, disability-free folks too, but what makes me the most money, by far, is patience. A deep, quiet commitment to allowing the optimal process to complete. Four months for the bank to open that independent investing account. Six months for the college to process the grant application. A nine-hour drive, and… Continue reading Patience: The Million Dollar Trait