Ah, publishing! After several of us went through the book from start to finish at least 30x per section, I reached absolute fatigue. According to my book, we must take care of ourselves and rest a bunch, so the final proof was approved with the following errors:

On page 36, second to last line, I accidentally typed “housing” instead of “therapy“. i.e., Put your name on every therapy wait list there is.

The domain name for this site hyphenated in one instance. So, I bought the hyphenated one so that you can still find me! As I may phase that one out in a year, please rely on the url

Found Another One?

No matter how hard we all try, many a’ book will end up with an aggravating typo or four. Please do contact me in the comments field below with any other errors you note, or with any wording you found confusing. I will be more than happy to clarify.

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