Ch 12: Self Advocacy · Step 4: Cutting Costs

How To Get That Thing You’re Covered For

If I were able to give only two tips, it would be: “record all expenses” and demonstrate your eligibility. The second is reflected in the following true story. In amongst a host of atypical experiences, my child is missing some teeth. They didn’t develop in utero. As a result, he requires some orthodontic care. Even though bones… Continue reading How To Get That Thing You’re Covered For

Ch 12: Self Advocacy · Ch 22: Taking the Leap · relationships

Building Community: Finding Your Yessayers

In response to Darcy’s comment here, I’m exploring the matter of building community. There is so much to talk about, I’m focusing on one aspect at a time. Today’s idea is around finding our yessayers. My friend Raj was struggling with a person who continually blocked Raj’s ideas: “This won’t work because…” “You won’t be able… Continue reading Building Community: Finding Your Yessayers