Ch 18: Getting Help · disability planning

The Life-Changing Art of…Labelling??

During a conversation with a new friend, I mentioned that my child participates in ¬†an autism-specific resource. Since autism is often invisible, my acquaintance was shocked to learn my son had a disability at all. But he was upset only that my son’s experience had been “labelled.” I noted I was super happy that it… Continue reading The Life-Changing Art of…Labelling??

Ch 18: Getting Help · Ch 25: Helping Locally and Globally · Increasing Income

How Money Actually Does Grow On Trees

In the minority world, the link between paper and sufficiency is almost absolute. If I write things on one piece, I get $400. When I write things on another, I get $31,000 (and counting). When I jot some more items on a third, I receive $872. One of the greatest barriers experienced by people in… Continue reading How Money Actually Does Grow On Trees

Ch 12: Self Advocacy · Ch 18: Getting Help

Avoid Becoming A Victim of Fraud

In my book, I touch on four personal experiences of fraud. First: A compassionate friend arranges for me to receive a welfare check, then promptly steals it from my mailbox. Next, a progressive, liberal developer takes a $45,000 deposit on a condo to be built, then dramatically increases the property’s “cost”, and then tells me… Continue reading Avoid Becoming A Victim of Fraud