Ch 12: Self Advocacy · disability planning · Increasing Income

Step 1a: No Cheating!

A long-time acquaintance in financial straits asked for my help in revamping her money status. I’d love to! The first tip was well-received: apply for disability benefits. She’s been medically eligible for as long as I’ve known her, but has stumbled along through endless short-term gigs instead, each one exacerbating her symptoms. Kudos to her… Continue reading Step 1a: No Cheating!

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Patience: The Million Dollar Trait

It’s true for those hypercapable, disability-free folks too, but what makes me the most money, by far, is patience. A deep, quiet commitment to allowing the optimal process to complete. Four months for the bank to open that independent investing account. Six months for the college to process the grant application. A nine-hour drive, and… Continue reading Patience: The Million Dollar Trait

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High Spending During Manic Episodes (Canada)

“I’m diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder (essentially bipolar and schizophrenia combined). I actually manage my money really well for the most part. The only time I don’t is when I’m manic, at which point I sometimes experience the characteristic ‘extreme overspending’. I can follow this phase by giving everything away. This leaves me in debt, with… Continue reading High Spending During Manic Episodes (Canada)

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Case Study: Supporting Two (Other) Struggling Adults

Joon, I live in New York City which, as everyone knows, has a very high cost of living. I live in a pretty awful area of it—constant noise, daily aggression, strong smells—because that’s what’s affordable to me. My dream is to live in a quiet apartment in a safe area, and to save aggressively toward… Continue reading Case Study: Supporting Two (Other) Struggling Adults

Ch 18: Getting Help · disability planning

The Life-Changing Art of…Labelling??

During a conversation with a new friend, I mentioned that my child participates in  an autism-specific resource. Since autism is often invisible, my acquaintance was shocked to learn my son had a disability at all. But he was upset only that my son’s experience had been “labelled.” I noted I was super happy that it… Continue reading The Life-Changing Art of…Labelling??

Ch 23: On Handouts and Welfare · disability planning

Too Good To Be True? Asset Development Accounts

An individual development account or asset development account helps an individual gain extra cash. Basically, you put some money in and a third-party matches it. For example, a program might offer $3 for every $1 you save in the account (up to a limit). Bonus: These savings accounts are often exempt from calculations of total assets,… Continue reading Too Good To Be True? Asset Development Accounts