Ch 12: Self Advocacy · disability planning · Increasing Income

Step 1a: No Cheating!

A long-time acquaintance in financial straits asked for my help in revamping her money status. I’d love to! The first tip was well-received: apply for disability benefits. She’s been medically eligible for as long as I’ve known her, but has stumbled along through endless short-term gigs instead, each one exacerbating her symptoms. Kudos to her… Continue reading Step 1a: No Cheating!

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Patience: The Million Dollar Trait

It’s true for those hypercapable, disability-free folks too, but what makes me the most money, by far, is patience. A deep, quiet commitment to allowing the optimal process to complete. Four months for the bank to open that independent investing account. Six months for the college to process the grant application. A nine-hour drive, and… Continue reading Patience: The Million Dollar Trait

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High Spending During Manic Episodes (Canada)

“I’m diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder (essentially bipolar and schizophrenia combined). I actually manage my money really well for the most part. The only time I don’t is when I’m manic, at which point I sometimes experience the characteristic ‘extreme overspending’. I can follow this phase by giving everything away. This leaves me in debt, with… Continue reading High Spending During Manic Episodes (Canada)

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Case Study: Supporting Two (Other) Struggling Adults

Joon, I live in New York City which, as everyone knows, has a very high cost of living. I live in a pretty awful area of it—constant noise, daily aggression, strong smells—because that’s what’s affordable to me. My dream is to live in a quiet apartment in a safe area, and to save aggressively toward… Continue reading Case Study: Supporting Two (Other) Struggling Adults

Ch 18: Getting Help · disability planning

The Life-Changing Art of…Labelling??

During a conversation with a new friend, I mentioned that my child participates in  an autism-specific resource. Since autism is often invisible, my acquaintance was shocked to learn my son had a disability at all. But he was upset only that my son’s experience had been “labelled.” I noted I was super happy that it… Continue reading The Life-Changing Art of…Labelling??