Ch 25: Helping Locally and Globally · fleeing abuse

Book Review: GenderBendy under Taliban Rule

Four year old Maria set her dresses on fire and chopped off her hair. Her father watched, nodded, and provided her with her older brother’s clothing and a traditionally male name. She was free. A Different Kind of Daughter: The Girl Who Hid from the Taliban in Plain Sight is written by Maria Toorpakai and Katharine Holstein. I… Continue reading Book Review: GenderBendy under Taliban Rule

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The Gift of Safety

I was three years out of my teens. Just weeks before, I had married. Today I was fresh out of my first-ever psychiatric hospitalization. “Adjustment disorder” they called it. Surely, I had been fine before this—though perhaps slightly vulnerable to stress—and would be fine again shortly. I was simply taxed, of course, by the move… Continue reading The Gift of Safety

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Opting Out of School Bullying

Having grown up vulnerable, I experienced quite a bit of abuse at school—extreme bullying and threats—from both children and teachers. Because my parents grasped the risk to me, they let me get out before any of the threats could be implemented. I’m eternally grateful for that. Many families living paycheque to paycheque, or in extreme… Continue reading Opting Out of School Bullying