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Is Rigid Thinking Keeping Me Poor?

Over the last month, I’ve been newly able to notice rigid thinking in people beyond myself. That’s kinda funny to me… How did I not notice it before? The diagnostic manual talks about it, as do many books on brain quirks, but I’m only newly able to recognize it. (Secretly, I have my fingers crossed… Continue reading Is Rigid Thinking Keeping Me Poor?

Ch 12: Self Advocacy · disability planning · Increasing Income

Step 1a: No Cheating!

A long-time acquaintance in financial straits asked for my help in revamping her money status. I’d love to! The first tip was well-received: apply for disability benefits. She’s been medically eligible for as long as I’ve known her, but has stumbled along through endless short-term gigs instead, each one exacerbating her symptoms. Kudos to her… Continue reading Step 1a: No Cheating!

Increasing Income · Passive Income

Free Money: Step 2 (26 Minutes)

I promised Sebastian I would open tax return posts with prettiness and promises. So, butterflies for you, Sebastian, and, “Hey, this only took sixty seconds, twenty six times in a row!” And now to the nitty-gritty. In my money-tracking software, I record personal expenses as well as business expenses. This way, I’m opening only one window… Continue reading Free Money: Step 2 (26 Minutes)