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Free Money: Step 2 (26 Minutes)

I promised Sebastian I would open tax return posts with prettiness and promises. So, butterflies for you, Sebastian, and, “Hey, this only took sixty seconds, twenty six times in a row!” And now to the nitty-gritty. In my money-tracking software, I record personal expenses as well as business expenses. This way, I’m opening only one window… Continue reading Free Money: Step 2 (26 Minutes)

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Letting Love Fill The $ Gaps

I wasn’t so sure about this year. From early January when a third of our possessions were stolen, through the book’s hefty publication costs, to a transition to an entirely new lifestyle (disability-friendly school for kid, post-secondary ed for me, commute for both), I was curious how my cash balance would look by wrap-up. All… Continue reading Letting Love Fill The $ Gaps

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Case Study: Supporting Two (Other) Struggling Adults

Joon, I live in New York City which, as everyone knows, has a very high cost of living. I live in a pretty awful area of it—constant noise, daily aggression, strong smells—because that’s what’s affordable to me. My dream is to live in a quiet apartment in a safe area, and to save aggressively toward… Continue reading Case Study: Supporting Two (Other) Struggling Adults