Ch 23: On Handouts and Welfare · Increasing Income

Letting Love Fill The $ Gaps

I wasn’t so sure about this year. From early January when a third of our possessions were stolen, through the book’s hefty publication costs, to a transition to an entirely new lifestyle (disability-friendly school for kid, post-secondary ed for me, commute for both), I was curious how my cash balance would look by wrap-up. All… Continue reading Letting Love Fill The $ Gaps

disability planning · freedom · Increasing Income

Case Study: Supporting Two (Other) Struggling Adults

Joon, I live in New York City which, as everyone knows, has a very high cost of living. I live in a pretty awful area of it—constant noise, daily aggression, strong smells—because that’s what’s affordable to me. My dream is to live in a quiet apartment in a safe area, and to save aggressively toward… Continue reading Case Study: Supporting Two (Other) Struggling Adults

Ch 18: Getting Help · Ch 25: Helping Locally and Globally · Increasing Income

How Money Actually Does Grow On Trees

In the minority world, the link between paper and sufficiency is almost absolute. If I write things on one piece, I get $400. When I write things on another, I get $31,000 (and counting). When I jot some more items on a third, I receive $872. One of the greatest barriers experienced by people in… Continue reading How Money Actually Does Grow On Trees