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Is Rigid Thinking Keeping Me Poor?

Over the last month, I’ve been newly able to notice rigid thinking in people beyond myself. That’s kinda funny to me… How did I not notice it before? The diagnostic manual talks about it, as do many books on brain quirks, but I’m only newly able to recognize it. (Secretly, I have my fingers crossed… Continue reading Is Rigid Thinking Keeping Me Poor?

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…and then right before Santa comes…

…we frugal, inventive parents have a moment of anxiety. “I got her too little stuff!” “This pile is way too tiny!” “What was I thinking, getting him so many books, free from the library’s used pile at that?” lol. Yep, this is par for the course. For many of us, swimming against the current of… Continue reading …and then right before Santa comes…

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Building Community: Finding Your Yessayers

In response to Darcy’s comment here, I’m exploring the matter of building community. There is so much to talk about, I’m focusing on one aspect at a time. Today’s idea is around finding our yessayers. My friend Raj was struggling with a person who continually blocked Raj’s ideas: “This won’t work because…” “You won’t be able… Continue reading Building Community: Finding Your Yessayers

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In Sickness & In Health: The Flip Side

Walking through the rural countryside today, my heart lifted. I see, feel, and hear nature’s presence, constancy, and care. Crossing the creek, the following came: We got the wedding vows all wrong. Or, maybe I’ve been hearing other people incorrectly all this time. For almost 45 years, I’ve believed the vow to love and support… Continue reading In Sickness & In Health: The Flip Side