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4 Tweaks To Make A Cheap Apartment Work

My place is super cheap… partly because I do some work around the property, and partly because it’s smallish, as well as short on some of today’s amenities. For example, it came with no lines for internet or phone, no tub, no dishwasher, no washing machine, and no dryer. It is, however, comfortable, silent, pretty,… Continue reading 4 Tweaks To Make A Cheap Apartment Work

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My Nonsensical Budgeting Brain

Sometimes it’s like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in here! All full of Oompa-Loompas¬†and trained squirrels… Check it out: Where I live, rent runs $1600-$2000 and up. I pay $500, all inclusive, so my house-choosing strategy is awesome and definitely one of my primary¬†successes. I own a car. I didn’t until I was 38, and… Continue reading My Nonsensical Budgeting Brain