Step 10: Saving by Spending · Step 4: Cutting Costs

My Nonsensical Budgeting Brain

Sometimes it’s like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in here! All full of Oompa-Loompas and trained squirrels… Check it out: Where I live, rent runs $1600-$2000 and up. I pay $500, all inclusive, so my house-choosing strategy is awesome and definitely one of my primary successes. I own a car. I didn’t until I was 38, and… Continue reading My Nonsensical Budgeting Brain

Cheap Nutrition · Step 4: Cutting Costs

Four Meals: Cheap, Easy, Sustaining

Many people with involuntarily low income face distinct challenges. Often, their income is low because of a disability, limited transportation, the responsibility of children, or other factors. At the same time, people with low income are often required to complete far more paperwork, visit far more agencies, and give greater accounting for their lives. As… Continue reading Four Meals: Cheap, Easy, Sustaining

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Which is Cheaper: Tiny House or Government Housing?

Fretting about the noise that came with this summer’s tourists, two weeks ago I applied for government housing. I’d long thought I “should” try it. By income and other trippy circumstances, I’m eligible. But, it didn’t feel right because I have savings, and other families are surely more in need. But more at issue was… Continue reading Which is Cheaper: Tiny House or Government Housing?

Step 4: Cutting Costs

Radical Prioritizing vs Radical Frugality

In indirect response to this post, friends began discussing radical frugality, noting they’re not keen on that path. Same here. I am close with a number of people who choose radical frugality. Some live on abandoned farmland with food harvested from the wild or scavenged from dumpsters. Others join monastic or lay monastic communities which… Continue reading Radical Prioritizing vs Radical Frugality